Reflections & Prayer Request

Prayer Request

                                    “In Need of Our Prayers”                                                                                                             

Shut In - Marilyn Callaway, Paul DiGiovani, Clairetha George, Lila Povilaitis & Marguerite Snyder

Special Prayer - Al Brown, Matthew Bowser. The Weeks Family                                

Sick- Elder & Sis. Weeks


  • Missing or non-attending members.

  • Our young people away at school or in the military

  • Please note that the Prayer Line is open on Tuesday nights at 8 PM for anyone that wishes to join. The call-in number is 305-848-8888 and the ID # 175-504-3594.

If you know of anyone who desires a visit or special prayer please contact us at:

Phone (Main): 732-922-1675


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