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Food Pantry Opens Monday January 28th from 2-6 PM

Need urgent assistance with Food?  Contact us at (732) 922-1675 or email:



International Pathfinder Camporee, Oshkosh WI

The Monmouth Mariners Pathfinders Club has started a fundraiser to help our pathfinders to Oshkosh. We are selling healthy trail mixes by Manna Mix. We are asking for your help   and support by ordering 2 packs of the trail mixes monthly. This will help defray the costs for each pathfinder attending Oshkosh. Please contact Sis. Jasmine Stephens or Sis. Ruth Meadows to place your order now.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Pathfinder our club to go to Oshkosh please speak to one of the Club Directors.

Contact us at (732) 922-1675 or email: